NEES Workshop

NEES Workshop:

Using the NEES Equipment Site Facilities in ESG Research and International Collaborations

NEES Workshop Agenda

Session 1: NEES Equipment Site Facilities and ESG Research

Robert Nigbor: Overview of the NEES Site Facilities

Jamison Steidl: The NEES@UCSB Facility

Robert Nigbor: The NEES@UCLA Facility

Robert Nigbor: The NEES@UTexas Facility

Session 2: International Collaborations and Instrumented Geotechnical Sites

Atsushi Wakai: Geotechnical Array Facilities in Coastal Japan

Atilla Ansal: Geotechnical Array Facilities in Istanbul, Turkey

Jamison Steidl: Waveform Explorer Access to Borehole Data

Session 3: Panel Discussion on Future Research Needs

Fabian Bonilla: Analysis of Borehole Data

Youssef Hashash: Using the NEES Equipment Site Facilities in ESG Research, International Collaborations, and Future Needs

Steven Kramer: NEES Workshop Panel Discussion