Vs30 Workshop

Plenary Session 6

The Vs30 Debate:
How We Can and Cannot Use Vs30 in Site Response Estimation

Session Chair: Alan Yong
Moderator: Jon Stewart

Eric Thompson: Regional Correlations of Vs30 and Velocities Averaged Over Depths Less Than and Greater Than 30m

Norman Abrahamson: Is Vs30 an Effective Parameter for Site Characterization?

I. M. Idriss: Use of Vs30 to Represent Local Site Conditions

Mihailo Trifunac: The Nature of Site Response During Earthquakes

Silvia Castellaro: The VFZ Matrix: Simplified Soil Classification from a Different Perspective

John Zhao: Comparison Between Vs30 and Site Period Parameters in Ground-motion Prediction Equations for Response Spectra