Thursday Events

Plenary Session 3: Ground Motion Simulation

Pierre-Yves Bard: Verification and Validation of Numerical Simulation Techniques: Lessons from the "E2VP" Project and Ongoing Studies in Europe

Arthur Frankel: Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Maps for Seattle: 3D Sedimentary Basin Effects, Nonlinear Site Response, and Uncertainties from Random Velocity Variations

Roberto Paolucci: 3D Numerical Simulations of Earthquake Ground Motion in Sedimentary Basins: The Cases of Gubbio and L'Aquila, Central Italy

Plenary Session 4: Nonlinearity in Site Response

Susumu Iai: Nonlinearity in Site Response - Nonlinear Volumetric Mechanism

Ross Boulanger: Numerical Modeling of Liquefaction Effects

Laurie Baise: Complex Site Response - Does One-Dimensional Site Response Work?

Coffee Breaks

Poster Session 3: Ground Motion Simulation
Poster Session 4: Putting ESG Into Practice

Dinner at Goleta Beach